Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cloth napkin pillows

I am pretty sure I showed you these napkins from World Market before.
P.S.If you have never been in a World Market you need to plan a trip soon. 
Trust me!
This is the color palate I have used to decorate and paint my house.

I have been whipping up some easy throw pillows from these napkins and I wanted to show you one I just finished.

I just added some cute little pin tucks and then I sewed two napkins together.
Easy, peasy.
I love the mixture of girly fabric and modern clean lines.

On another note, as I was sewing these pillows I had a realization.
This has been a big year of first for me sewing wise.
My first zipper.
My first darts.
and now my first pin pleats!
Yay for me!
In honor of these accomplishments i have decided to make 
"try new sewing techniques"
a late new year's resolution.

I think this may be the only way I keep these resolutions,
to make them after I have already accomplished them.

You may call it cheating, but I call it smart! :)

How are you doing with your new year's resolutions? Have you tried any new sewing techniques this year? I want to hear!!

much love

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