Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bicycle themed birthday party

Even though I went on a little blog writing hiatus I did not go on a blog reading break. I have to give full credit of this bike birthday theme to the sisters at kojo designs. They totally were my inspiration.

Now, if you have looked at their party just replace the extremely talented graphic designer with a girl with some mean stamping skills. :) Seriously, the theme of this party should have probably been bikes and stamps... Anyhoo, I digress, on to the pictures.
For the backdrop of the food table I stamped bikes onto a pink plastic table cloth that I cut in half and hung from the ceiling. I just did sandwiches, corndogs, and sides for the food.

The cute bike sign came from Micheal's dollar section and the flowers are from our yard.

 Have I ever told you how much I love bunting? I LOVE bunting. It is just the right amount of whimsy.

Sorry for the poor picture quality on this one . but the sun decided to come out in full force and I am not camera savvy enough (yet) to know how to deal with it. This is the food table (minus most of the food) in it's entirety. The tissue paper pom-poms were left over from Zadie's birthday party.

I made this for Mattie to wear to her party; sadly I made it WAY to big! So it became decoration too.

 More flowers from our yard (my favorite decorations EVER by the way!)

I reused the cupcake stand from Zadie's birthday

and I tried to mimic the cake from the inspiration party which I am pretty happy with. I think I would have LOVED it if I would have focused while spreading the sprinkles instead of jibber jabbering with my mom. To get this look I just laid down a number one shaped stencil onto fresh icing and shook out the sprinkles into the one design only (fail). Seriously, it would have been easy to make it look really good if I would have taken a little more time. Learn from me!

I found this sweet little print on pintrest FOREVER ago and saved it to my computer, but did not pin it, and I cannot find it again to give the creator credit. :( I love it though. I just had Walgreen's print it like a poster and then I washi taped it to the side of the fridge. (Lucky for me it totally fits in with my house color pallet and will be framed and on the wall very very soon!)

I told you I got a little stamp happy! Brent and Zade have plain shirts stamped with bikes ( I painted the stamps with fabric paint) and I stamped a pair of leggings for myself (I used a fabric paint stamp pad for my pants and the color has not held up NEAR as well as the shirts.)

 The birthday girl got a cute little dress from Target (That fits!) stamped with a cute little bike. I got both of my bike stamps from Micheal's.

The kids all brought a set of wheels to the party, per invitation instructions, and we paraded to the park right next to our house. I was a little nervous about asking people to bring some wheels (bikes, scooters, stroller) for their kids so I talked myself out of the one activity I had planned besides playing at the park. It would have worked perfectly though! My idea was to have a decorating station filled with balloons and streamers for everyone to jazz up their ride before the parade.

Can you see all the bikes in the background? SO. MUCH. FUN.
(I had a friend take pictures of the actual parade on her camera and haven't gotten them from her yet! sorry)

The birthday girl had a wonderful time playing.

But I am pretty sure her favorite part was the cake. I mean the girl HUGGED it and would just lean down her head and take big bites of it. She is such a fun baby!

Hope you loved this party as much as I did. It was pretty low-key, being so close to the holidays I couldn't do much more, but I think it turned out just right!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stripes and Polka Dots

I know, I know... I go MIA for a month and them I am back twice in one day... I'm just keeping you on your toes :)

Like I told you earlier, I decided to sew along with Project Run and Play this week. The theme was stripes and polka dots and here is what I came up with.

And here is a close-up of the fabric.

The shirt was inspired by Mad mim's pedulum top and the bottoms were the go to leggings pattern.
I did the ruched side variations. It is a great pattern I know I am going to use it to death! Hopefully I'll keep up with each week's theme... But we shall see ;)


Look who turned one!

Has it really been two months since my last post?! Sorry guys! Life just got the best of me. Good news though, all that time I wasn't here I was snuggling my sweet babies. Speaking of sweet babies, Mattie turned one this past weekend. ONE! And what a precious little one year old she is.

The past year has been so hard and so fun at the same time. I never knew how strong I was that is for sure! Mattie is a strong willed adventurous little girl. She is the polar opposite of her sister (except for the strong willed part!) and I just adore her. She is so stinking silly.

And she totally rocks the toothless grin!

She gives the most amazing snuggles and is such a little/ big girl. She is not even on the growth chart she is so petite, but her pediatrician and I agree that she can't gain weight because she is moving all. the. time.

She eats like a horse and she adores her big sister. She took her first step the week before her birthday, but hasn't tried again since, crawling is just so much quicker! She finally started to sleep through the night about two weeks ago and about that same time she stopped nursing. Sad day for this mamma! Pointing and clapping are her two favorite tricks (besides throwing her drink on the floor. repeatedly.)

I spend most of my day trying to snuggle her close and smooch those soft cheeks, but in reality I spend most of it watching that cute bum as it crawls away and soothing her after yet another head bonk. 

Life has been intense, to say the least, this past year, but really it has been wonderful. I can not imagine my life without this little girl and I am so excited to see the girl she becomes. Life will never be boring with Mattie around, that is for sure!


PS: We threw a bike themed party for Mattie and it turned out so cute! Pictures coming soon!
I am sewing along with Project Run and Play so come back later today to see my stripes and polka dot outfit.

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