Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life is beautiful sign { Tutorial }

In my many months of perusing pinterest I spotted this sign idea...
But I guess I never pinned it!
Props to whoever came up whit it!

It stuck with me though, and I have been dying to make it ever since.
I actually started this project right after Mattie was born 
but it took me forever a bit to finish it.
Those sweet newborns sure are needy aren't they!

Do you wanna make one of your own?
It was so fun!


I took an old beat-up piece of wood we had in our junk pile

(gotta love post baby body...)

and cut it into four equal sized pieces.

Paint them with a couple coats of stain and let them dry.

Grab one piece of cut wood (I grabbed the one that was the most warped and damaged)

Pull some scrap book paper from your stash and brush mod podge on the back.

Place the paper on the wood where ever your heart so desires.

smooth any bubbles out

and then smile at your handy work :)

Finally slather on a thick layer of mod podge onto the entire board.

For the letters:
If you are like me and do not own any type of professional cutter thingy 
(you know what I am talking about :)
you will need to grab some contact paper and cut out your letters.
(If you have one of those cool cutters feel free to whip it out now)

adhere the paper to the wood and paint the letters
(I did this same technique to all 4 boards)

I love the imperfections it came out with!
(Isn't it just a perfect fit for the meaning of this sign- 
It is usually the imperfection that makes life beautiful.)
Enough of the deep thoughts :)

I used a scrap piece of wood and nailed it to the back-connecting the four boards.
(sorry no picture)

(I have changed it up a bit since this picture.
 I have filled all the frames and 
I added a large empty frame behind the
 pictures on the right to balance it out a bit)

Now it is sitting cute on my fantle (fake mantel)!

And I L.O.V.E. it!
Do you ever have those projects that just make you smile every time you look at them?
This is totally one for me!

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  1. Oh, Rachel, I love this!! I've always liked this quote, and I love the way you chose to illustrate the "beauty" part and make it stand out from the rest...pinning for sure! So glad you shared this at Shine on Fridays!!

    1. Thank you so much for the feature!

  2. SUPER CUTE!!! I love this idea....came over from family every after....

  3. I hopped on over from I should be mopping the floor party to see your lovely work! I have been wanting to make this sign for some time. I need to get on it! You did a great job. Love it!

    1. You should make one. It really makes me smile every time I look at it!

  4. Your piece looks wonderful - the picture of your kids in the header is just gorgeous!


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