Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Play time :: clean painting

I decided to start a new little feature here on this ole' blog.
It's called Play Time because, well, everyone love to play right!
This is a space were I will share what I have been up to with my girls.
You know, a few ideas to help you keep your little's entertained and learning.
I'll also tell you the age my goose was when we tried the activity,
just in case that helps you any :)

***  ***  ***
18 months +

We love to paint in our house...not walls 
(although we have painted EVERY wall in our house at least two times in three years!)
instead we love to pretend that we are artist!

This is generally a pretty messy process. 
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a mess when we are having a good time
But this way of painting was a nice break!

I just put a couple of squirts of paint into a large ziplock bag.

Then I layered it on top of a white sheet of paper (for contrast) and taped it down.

It was so easy to set up.
The goose was a a little wary at first but that soon passed.

Soon we were practicing shapes and colors,

having a great time.

Can't you tell :)

I think as she gets older this would be a fun activity to use to explore how some colors are created by mixing two color, or even a fun way to practice letters and numbers.
The possibilities are limitless!

Have fun playing!


  1. Very clever, the fun without the mess.

  2. In love!!!! I will be trying this and sharing this on my blog!! You are so clever!!! love it!!

  3. Super cool idea! I love it,can't wait to try this for my two yr old


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