Friday, August 31, 2012

a few of my favorite things 2 * A BIRTHDAY PARTY *

Up next on the diy menu for Zadie's birthday is this cupcake stand.
I think my crafting theme for this party was keep is simple-sweet
(an old saying from my cheerleading days- don't judge. ;)

If you missed my last post about the painted glass vases you should check it out.
I let you know in that post that the color theme for the par-tay was turquoise and pink.
This cake stand does not exactly fit in the color theme- but I thought it was close enough
and these plates... yes i said PLATES
were far to cute to pass up. 

I have seen similar ideas to this cake stand on other blogs where all the supplies were bought at the dollar store.
Unfortunately I do not have a dollar store near my house that I feel real safe going into...*insert* ghet-to 
One of the few negatives to living downtown in my city.
If you choose to buy your supplies at the ole' dollar tree you could definitely save some mullah,
But seeing as I only spent a whopping 10 bucks on this cutie...
and I didn't have to paint it...
I'll stick to Target :)

I used two large and one small plastic plate from Target.
Then I buggied (totally a verb) over to the candle section and bought two glass taper candle holders.
When I got home I whipped out my handy dandy E600 and glued those bad boys together.
(I tried hot glue at first and it was NOT strong enough!)

It goes a little something like this:

large plate


candle stick


large plate 




small plate


This little cutie was born.

Here is how it looked at the party

Just perfect.

Much love

Linking to these great parties!

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