Sunday, August 5, 2012

a month of celebrations

The past 30 days have been full of celebrations for our family.
The hubster and I celebrated five years of marriage.
Mattie got to celebrate 6 months of life as the sweetest baby on the planet.
Brent had his ten year high school reunion.
And we all celebrated Zadie's 2nd birthday.

Pretty Amazing month.
I am truly blessed!

So, now I have a 0,1,2, and 3 year old-
you know, dogs included ;)

Here are some pictures from our latest photo shoot.
Don't let these pictures deceive you any...
This shoot went so poorly my photographer didn't charge me.
Well we bought a really yummy pizza for dinner because we were all pretty frazzled!

(Such a pretty girl)

(This is really the best picture we got together)

( we were already an hour past Mattie's bedtime when the shoot began- Mommy fail)

(She was such a trooper though :)

(I love that little face)

(My high school sweetheart)

(She was so tired)

(This is part of the reason the shoot when so bad.
If water is near Zadie HAS to be in it.)

So it has been an incredible month,
but it has also been exhausting.
My month of no sleep has now caught up with me and I am in the bed sick.

Do me a favor will ya?
Enjoy this beautiful day for me please!


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