Friday, May 17, 2013

Easy Peasy homemade babyshower gift

My dear friend is having a sweet baby girl soon. I needed something to give her besides my go-to baby shower gift, my personal lifesaver, the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. (affiliate link) So I made a couple of sweet outfits for her.

I used the circle skirt pattern from MADE and dyed cotton onsies to match. I love sewing for newborns because  it always looks like little doll outfits!

The flowers on the headbands were made by following this tutorial.  the only change I made was to not use any felt instead I used fabric circles for the base.

I am excited to hand this gift over this weekend and I am even more excited to see a sweet new baby in this outfit!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Banyan shorts

I hinted last week that although the blog's been quiet the sewing machine has still been a whirring. Here is some evidence for you. I made the Banyan shorts by Figgy's patterns. The list of things that I sewed for the first time for this pattern is epic! 
  •  cuffs
  •  functioning fly
  •  pleats
  • first time using button hole elastic
  •  patch pocket
Wild huh?! And I think they turned out okay. Now, I will just keep to myself how many hours days it took me to make these bad boys, especially that fly... and I STILL didn't get it quite right! But next time I definitely think I could cut my time in half, and get the fly right. :) The fabric is Amy Butler and I lurv it. Honestly I think using such a busy print was a lifesaver in hiding all my little mistakes. The only sad news about these shorts is that they are to big for the Z-baby. Better to big than too small right!

A super sweet button from my stash. Isn't it just perfect!

Pretty aren't they. I kind of want some in my size too!

Happy sewing


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