Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Baby Time!... Unisex baby shower decor

It's the next to last day of baby time.
Which makes me VERY sad :(
EXCEPT it means the time to meet the new little guy is getting closer!!!

I shared some practical, fun, and EASY baby shower gifts in 5 previous post.
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Today I want to share some food and decor ideas.

My SIL is WAY more awesome than me and she is patient enough to WAIT to find out the sex of the baby!
I could NEVER do that.
I need to sew and decorate.
That would TOTALLY cramp this type A planner's style.
I am so envious of her ability to wait.

Anywho, that meant we couldn't go with the plain jane pink or blue baby decorations.
We actually REALLY cheated in this department because we stole most of our decorations from a shower they had the day before ours.
And since the host of that shower was a balloon artist (or balloonatic as she called herself :) we had a lot to steal.
We did do a few simple things such as:

My MIL put together these little diaper animals.
Aren't they cute!?
She is so stinking creative!
She did say she got the pattern for how to build them off the internet.
So if you love them start googling! ;)

She also used a time-out chair, she got the soon to be parents as a gift, to hold the paper products.
I think it really adds dimension to the table!

I built this little "baby" out of fruit.
(Don't tell but part of my finger may be in there somewhere;)
That was A LOT of slicing but well worth it for the end product!

My MIL also baked these AMAZING cookies!
You think they look cool?
You should have TASTED them.
Like, now that I have looked at a picture I will probably dream about their sweet chewy goodness tonight!
If you want the recipe go here.

It was a really fun shower!
Come back tomorrow for the last day of Baby Time :*( 
I have some great games to share with you.
they are perfect if....
you usually hate shower games (like me)
or for a coed shower.

See you tomorrow!

I'm linking to these great parties!

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