Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the beauty of birth

I am teary-eyed and emotional right now
and no it is not over a project gone wrong
(I got use to that a LONG time ago :))
For some reason the stars have aligned for me to read two beautiful birth stories tonight.
I know it is not a lot of people's thing, but I love hearing people's birth stories.
It is really so glorious, so beautiful, how are bodies are made.
We (as women) grow babies in our bodies, use the muscles of our bodies to push them out, feed them from our bodies,and love them with all we have. 
We are A. MAZ. ING.

One day I would love to share my birth stories with you guys.
They were two of the most incredible days of my life.
but for now I just want to be a mom with you for a moment
(if you are not a mom still please join in!)

Do you remember the moment you first held your child.
That feeling where you are so amazed with everything.
with yourself for growing this creation and making it through labor.
with the perfectness of your new child.
with love for your baby's daddy
(or whoever helped you through pregnancy)
with that knowledge that your life is forever changed.
That the person who walked into that labor room is not the same person who is leaving it.
It makes my heart swell and my eyes pour to think back to that moment.
What a precious gift.

Meeting sweet Zadie.

My lovely Mattie.

Isn't it incredible!

thanks for reminiscing with me

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