Monday, May 14, 2012

I am so behind the times...

I am so sorry to have been so MIA the last couple of weeks.
Honestly, I have been crafting like usual but I have been to pooped to post.
Lame me :/ 

So, you know way back in yester-year when eisly marley had kids clothes week?
Well I halfway  participated (secretly, don't tell ;)
I am kind of in love with refashioning and reusing clothes I am done with.
It takes the pressure off messing up- ya know?

I took an old favorite tank of mine to make the top.
I was sad to see it go, but it just could not harness the girls anymore ;)
The bottom fabric I picked up at a friend's yard sale.
It was only a small piece but I was in LOVE!
I used the extra to make the cute little hair clip.

Here are some pics of the princess rockin' it.

Can you see what I messed up?
Yeah, I know. I should have moved the shoulder ties closer in.
The seam ripper has been called and she said she would be available for a date night soon!

But on a better note

Do you see how stinking straight that line is!? 
I am so impressed with myself!
(It's the little things in life right)

I have one more cute little outfit to show you- So check back soon!

Much love 

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  1. She looks so adorable in the top! Thanks for sharing at Things I've Done Thursday this week.

  2. She's so cute! I just love that rosette in her hair! Adorable! The dress turned out super cute too! Thanks so much for sharing at The Little Giggler. :)


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