Thursday, May 17, 2012

bathing suit cover up to girl's summer dress

I told you I had one more project to show you from elsie marley's kids clothes week challenge.
If you missed the sweetheart shirt for Zadie you should check it out!

I am going to give you a little picture tour of the process.

Don't we all have one of these little cover-ups in our closet.
If you are like me you never wear it because
1. you shrunk it the first time you washed it
2. that skin right at your armpit is pinched and hangs over and it is very attractive (not!)

so instead of chucking it in the donate pile refashion it!

I took a tunic-length shirt to figure out a length.

I decided to cut right under the shirred top.

Cut out the armholes.

Finish the armholes.
Fold the top down one inch and and hem.
Feed whatever you want to use as the strap through the top.
Hopefully you will be lucky like me and you cover-up will already have a strap!

Wha-La! Now your little one has a super-cute new pillowcase dress.
One man's trash is another's treasure, right?!

It is not perfect but she LOVED it!

I also made a cute little headband from the shirring at the top of the dress.

Isn't Mattie getting SO stinking big!?

It is cute and it is functional.

Who needs a perfect dress?
In our house we choose comfort over everything else
because who knows when you may want to roll around outside!

(Yes that is chalk in her mouth. Don't judge. She is still super cute!)


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