Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sleep deprivation and a really sweet window seat

I am very tired.
I know that is to be expected.
I have a four week old and an 18 month old,
which means long sleepless nights and long active days.
I am not complaining.
I am strangely really enjoying myself,
I felt the need to build my defense before I tell you this embarrassing story!

My sister turned 34 on Tuesday! Whoop!
We went to celebrate at my parent's and had a fabulous time.
But, as all you newborn mommas know,
 any activity that requires you to leave the house
takes that much MORE energy that you do not have!

That being said, when we got home I was tired!
So I nursed baby-M while Brent put Z-baby down.
I laid her down in her bassinet and went to brush my teeth.

Did I tell you yet that I was like crazy zombie TIRED?!

I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed.
I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and began to brush my teeth
only to realize I was using the wrong toothbrush.

At this point I wish I could say I was using my hubby's toothbrush
but that wouldn't be that tragic.
genius me was using the toothbrush I used to clean the
TOILETearlier that day.
It makes me throw up a little bit just thinking about it.

Luckily mouthwash cleans 99.9% of germs ;)

Brent walked in just in time to witness the entire event.
He laughed until he was crying.
Sometimes I hate him :)

On a happy note,
Now I have a new joke!
You know you have a newborn if...
You brush your teeth with the toilet brush!

I also got myself stuck in a mud hole in my mommy car this week...
with both my children in the backseat.
Leaving a Superbowl party.
So there were PLENTY of witnesses.

Good thing I lost my pride a LONG time ago!

Now, I told you in an earlier post
that Z-baby's big girl room was my biggest project of 2011.
Today I am going to show you the project that took the most time.
It is also my very favorite element of her room!

I need to start by apologizing about the lack of pictures during the building process.
I was in a serious state of nesting and taking pictures never crossed my frantic little brain!

We built this window seat!!
Have you ever heard of Ana White?
If you have not, you really need to take some time to look around her site.
She is SO talented.
And her instructions for building projects are so clear and easy!

First we built her 5- cube bookshelf.
Then, I took her plans for the 3-cube bench
and doubled it to fit under our double window.
(I also added extra support)
Finally, we painted a bookshelf we already had and
We have an entire window reading/ toy nook.
Now, I need to make the cushion for the window seat.

My goal for Z-baby's room was to have a place for everything.
Hopefully this will help us teach her to keep her room clean.
(Don't worry, I'm not getting my hopes up about that!)

Anywho, I hope you liked our window seat
my humiliating story.
I really hope it made you giggle!!

~happy building


  1. Ahhh those sleep deprived days, I remeber them well. I can't list all the goofy things I did when I was in your position. I love your window seat, my son's bedroom is set up exactly the same way and I have always wanted to do something like this. Great inspiration!

  2. I LOVE this! We have a window in our playroom that would be a great place for something like this.

  3. Great job! The window seat looks very professional and the room looks very organized! You got the wheels turning in my head for my boys' room makeover.


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