Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is my religion

I so enjoy celebrating love!
I heard the most fitting song on Pandora this morning 
"Love is my Religion"
sung by Bob Marley's son Izzy.

Love is my religion... 
God is love.
so today is kind of religious right?!
I know I am stretching it :)

My hubby has been asking for a really simple gift the last few months.
He wanted a journal.
Which kind of weirded me out when he asked for it
because he truly is not a sharer of emotion.

He eased my confusion when he finally explained that he
wanted the journal to write down interesting quotes and thoughts 
he has been reading. (He is addicted to Mark Twain right now!)

I have had a long romance with journaling so I was 
VERY excited to shop for this special gift.

I decided to go classic and got him a softcover moleskine.
This is a kind of boring gift... I wanted to find a way to
make it a little bit more sentimental.

I was looking through my trusty ole' Better Homes and Gardens 
when I saw the CUTEST idea.

I love you library card
To make a library card inspired valentines card.
They even gave a template to print out.

I decided to make one for the back of Brent's journal.
I printed out the card and filled it in with ten things I love about my baby...
And yes the first thing is his legs...
I know that is weird for a girl to like but what can I say ;)
I'm a legs girl!

Then I made a cute little envelope to put the card in.
I went ahead and glued it to the back cover so he could keep it with him always.
I thought it turned out really cute!
It was an easy way to make a simple gift more personal.
I can't wait to use this idea again when I give someone a book.
You can do so many different things besides list why you love someone-
seriously endless possibilities!

I hope you like it!
I hope you are having a fabulous valentines day!!

~happy loving!


  1. This is so clever! I've got to remember this for next year!
    Stopping by from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy :-)

  2. Wow, what a great gift idea! And laughing about your initial surprise at your husband wanting a journal. That would've been me too. Our men are not known for wanting to write down their feelings they way we do! Anyway, I absolutely love this idea. I often shop at thrift stores for books (so much cheaper than new!) and sometimes find the old-fashioned library cards still in a book. It gives me a special thrill seeing the names of people who've enjoyed the book before me. I was at Target today and saw some pretty Moleskins on sale. I may have to go back to make a gift for someone special. Also here from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy


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