Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unprocessed March

So I've made a commitment to not eat processed food in March
And my lucky family gets to do it with me!

I love to cook and bake and EAT-
I have always joked that I run so I can eat what I want.
It was kinda a serious joke though...

The hubster and I recently watched the documentary 
Forks Over Knives.
I really still can't believe I watched it.
I have managed to not watch Food Inc.
or any of those other highly informative movies that might just 
make me second guess my food choices.
Somehow I let this vid slip through and OF COURSE 
it made me want to eat differently.
(I am such a sucker for fads!)

This is not really a fad though :)
It is serious.
Our bodies are our temples and we tend to really make a mess of them.
Now that I get to stay at home I feel like it is really on this momma's 
shoulders to create healthy habits in my family.

I read a blog post at a small snippet
that I think explains my decisions really clearly.
I'm not going to repeat what she says- I'll let you hop on over and read if you are interested!
(sidenote: I do not grind my own flour although I think she is very awesome for doing it!)

Anywho, you may not give a flying flip about this change in my life 
and I totally understand if you don't!
But if you have been considering this change to and
want to try it out with me next month I would LOVE it!

There is a lot of debate about what "unprocessed" or "clean" eating actually is. 
For me, I have no desire to cut out meat and dairy.
I definitely have a desire to limit it but I will not be doing a "whole food" diet as is defined in 
Forks Over Knives.
I am leaning more to the definition and "rules" given on the blog food rules.
I also have learned a lot from the blog 100 days of real food
and I have found a bunch of frugal delish dishes at poor girl eats well.

I am going to take one month and see if this is seriously a change my family could make permanently.
These are my goals:

1. (honestly) I'd like to drop the baby weight.
2. See how much this diet coupled with working out regularly changes the way I feel/ look
3. Try to eat really healthy on a budget (see if it is truly possible)
4. know how to read a food label/ be aware of what my family and I are consuming

I am getting a slow go on things this week.
I have made my dinner menu unprocessed... but we didn't eat much processed food for dinner to begin with.
It is the snacks that get us... and the desserts!!!

Here is a look at this weeks "almost" unprocessed menu:

(This is in my oven right now!)
this will be our sandwich bread-
and a breakfast option
(it smells SO good)
breakfast: apple cinnamon bread
Another breakfast option-
Breakfast: Granola Bars / Cereal
We had a veggie pizza for dinner tonight on this crust

Dinner: Homemade Whole-Wheat Pizza
Dinner tomorrow night:
braised coconut spinach and chickpeas with lemon over a sweet potato
braised coconut spinach and chickpeas with lemon over a sweet potato
a side dish to grilled steak
dinner: spinach and swiss quiche
Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad yummmmmm
And of course...
dessert: honey apple crisp
So I am thinking this is not going to be that bad at meal times...
Now we just have to conquer snack time!

I do have some plans for homemade (really quick and easy) granola bars.
And I am planning on dehydrating some strawberry fruit roll-ups tomorrow!

I'll keep you guys posted-
But not TOO often for those of you who could not give a flip :)

PLEASE join me if you want!
There is always strength in numbers
(and more recipes!)
If you would like some unprocessed meal ideas as I scour the internet I am posting to this Pinboard.
Feel free to start following it!

~happy healthy eating


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