Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The ever changing picture frame

I have a confession to make:
I have blogger envy.
And I wish I could say it was just for one specific blog
but it isn't.
I am envious and a little bit bitter about all those bloggers who post 
professional pictures of their nearly professional crafts
that they just "threw together."

(okay, that was totally just my jealousy talking :)
I have come to terms that around my house
Well, around ME specifically,
nothing is going to go perfectly. 

Like in that cute little kindle cover post
I failed to tell you that I had to cut out the material for the project TWICE
because the first time I cut out the pieces to fit
something about the size of an ipod.
(this is AFTER i already added the applique :)
And then when I finally had it cut correctly
and I was on the final few stitches,
I put the corner of the front cover in coffee.
The coffee that I had so intelligently set RIGHT behind the arm of my sewing machine.

Are you shaking your head yet?
I'm not. I'm laughing... 
I told you that my new life motto is  
Chaos is beauty.

On that note I want to show you one of my latest 
most favorite projects:

The two reasons why it is one of my most favorite projects is

1. I am far to fickle about pictures and this is just way to easy to change up.
2. It cost me about one dollar to make!

You have to love projects like that.

I got all of the wood supplies from my good friend who has recently renovated her farm house.
We like to have craft nights every once in a while and I always steal some of her super cool wood she has stashed in her barn.

This is actually a piece of wood from a front porch she tore down.
(I didn't even have to sand it. It was naturally that awesomely rustic looking!)
The skinny wood pieces are slats from an old broken shutter that we cut down to size to frame the pictures.

These cute little clothespins are the only thing I had to buy
and I have so many more projects in mind
that I want to use them for!

My craft night/ farm house friend is also my photographer friend.
(She is a good friend to have!)
She took this fabulous sequence of pictures at my maternity shoot.

They were not planned pictures.
We actually were trying to get a posed picture that Z-baby kept interrupting.
She was ENTHRALLED by the bubble I was blowing.
I may not have gotten my posed picture 
I love this sequence!

My little family is growing though and I know there will be plenty of more pictures to love.
That is why I am so very excited about the versatility of this project!

The Chaos: The day I was planning on finishing and photographing this project Z-baby found    these three pictures and fell in love. And you know how toddlers show their love- by slobbering and crumpling. :) I wish I could be one of those blog mommas who at this point says "so I jumped in the car and ran to the store and reprinted them."
But I can't. 
Seriously- I have a 5 week old who likes to nurse like every 5 minutes it seems. 
Instead I placed the crumpled pictures between two heavy books, put the blog pictures off a couple of days, and when I finally did take them I just tried to angle for the least amount of glare. 
I really truly love my life and my crinkled pictures and my little picture crinkler!

~happy bubble blowing :)


  1. Adorable frame and I'm with you...I usually have to redo, redo some more with a project, trash the ones that don't turn out and then remember to take good pictures. I've pretty much resorted to using my phone camera...so much easier and faster!

  2. Love the frame! The age of the wood is so gorgeous! Hard to duplicate. Great idea!

  3. very rustic, love it. It's a great idea.

  4. Such a great idea with the clothes pins! It looks great and I love how you can change up the pictures so easily! Love the bubble pics!

  5. I love this idea....great way to easily change up your photos.

  6. Ohhhh my goodness I am in love with this idea and the look and well, just everything! I am thrilled that you linked up over at my place! I am for sure a new follower!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  7. Found you via the link from Thrifty Decorating! LOVE this!! You shouldn't be envious of others' blogs- yours is wonderful! I'm a happy new follower, and hope you can visit & follow me back at...

    Keeping Up With the Joneses

  8. Absolutely precious, all of it...the photos, the crinkling love, and the project itself! Nicely done!!


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