Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Baby Time... games for coed showers

Today is the last day of Baby Time.
And I'm going to miss it!

I wanted to finish our fun week with a few ideas for coed baby showers.
Have you ever been to one before?
I  am not sure how popular they are in other families, but in mine it is usually the biggest shower we have,
Unfortunately I am not a fan of shower games,
nor are must males.

So here are a couple of games that should please any party goer.

(See that cute banner? The tutorial is coming soon!)
A baby pool is always a great idea.
Especially if the lovely couple is not finding out the sex of the baby!
I found this great (free) website called Expectnet where people can go and vote in a baby pool.
It is really easy to manage and my SIL just posted the link on facebook so any of her friends could join in.

I didn't think it would be very cute to have a laptop for people to guess on at the party so I made a big posterboard where they could vote.
I put it right in the entry way so no one missed it coming or going.
 I also had a mason jar sitting beside it for the money pot and to explain the rules.
Everyone had a BALL guessing and it really helped everyone feel comfortable and involved from the moment they walked in!

(Side note: I ALWAYS have the guest go ahead and self address envelopes at the shower to help the parents-to-be with their thank you notes! It is not hard for the guest and it REALLY helps the parents.)

This next game was particularly entertaining because my BIL has NEVER changed a diaper!
All I did was have him and his dad race to diaper a baby doll, but they had to do it with gloves and goggles.(not in the picture)
I really liked this game because the guest got to be involved without really doing anything!
I really hate shower game... Have i said that yet ;)
Especially the ones that involve famous people and their babies.
I really really suck at that.
You might as well stick a physics test in front of me. I would equally fail both!

I hope I don't sound like a Debbie downer.
There are plenty of things I love in life!
Just not silly shower games :)

Well if you missed any post from this week, be sure to go check them out!

hooter hider tutorial
(My SIL just asked if I  would make another one for a shower for one of her friend's. I think she liked it!)

Thanks for joining me in our baby celebration!
(I'll let you know when the new baby comes!)

much love

I'm linking to these great parties!


  1. Hi! New follower from a link party. Love all your shower ideas! The games seem really fun. I love the onesie too.. super cute :)

    Would love a follow back if you like my site too :)

    1. Loving your blog! So glad to have found a new blog-land friend!

  2. Fun times! So glad that you shared. Thanks for helping make Things I've Done Thursday a success!

  3. So fun! I'd love it if you'd share this on my link up party.


  4. Wow, what a great game for baby shower! Actually, my friend's going to have a baby shower soon and I'm gonna recommend your baby shower games ideas...

    thanks for sharing!


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