Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Baby Time... Boppy cover

If you missed day oneday twoday three, or day four go take a look!

Today is the last day of baby gift ideas...
And I truly did save one of the best (and easiest) gift ideas for last!

If you have been a nursing mom in the last several years there is a good chance you had a sidekick called

It is really the most amazing invention.
To bad they think so too.
Thirty bucks for a pillow?!
It makes this thrifty mamma cringe.
Good thing I use it like TEN time a DAY right now!

I am complaining about something I am not going to change with this post ;)
I will give you a tip though. 
When I was looking for other options I did find a nursing pillow 
(with a free pattern for a cover included)
at JoAnn's. 
It was expensive too but you could always use a coupon!

Anywho, back to today's gift.
My SIL has already received the boppy pillow but she still needed a cover.
I figured who wouldn't want a one of a kind cover over one anyone could buy.
So to google I went.
And I found this great tutorial that includes a PATTERN! Woo Hoo!!

I pulled some fabric out of my stash and an hour later I was done.
Seriously. It was that easy!

I tried it on my boppy pillow and it fit like a glove.
And just because I'm proud,

I wanted to show you my second- ever zipper!
I am seriously nailing my New Year's resolution this year. ;)

So, I want to know, do you have any babies in your life you have been crafting for? DO you have any great (easy) baby gift ideas? I am loving creating for my new little niece or nephew. (I am DYING to find out) It is making even MORE excited! Any of you expecting any new babies in your family?? Tell me about it!


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