Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I told you the other day that I made my own tortillas.
I am so proud of myself and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was!

Funny story- The hubby and I were talking the other day about how "clean" we wanted to go with our clean diet. I said- verbatim- "Well, you know I want to be pretty strict, but it will be a gradual process. I am not going to start, like, making my own tortillas or anything for a while. I am not awesome enough to take care of two babies and be that intense with our food."

Obviously I don't know how awesome I am. ;)
I am not thorough enough on my grocery list. :)

I used the recipe from the 100 days of real food website.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment

I divided my dough into six equal balls.

I rolled it nice and thin and then through it in the frying pan.

Doesn't it look deluxe?!

Now I need to work on my shaping skills ;)

Have you tried any recipes lately that you are proud of? Any that I need to try?
Do tell!!

Much love

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  1. Wow! I've never thought to do this! So glad you linked to Things I've Done Thursday!


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