Friday, April 27, 2012

It's baby time... stenciled onsies

It's baby time again!!
If you missed day one go back and visit.

Today's craft was SO STINKING FUN to make.
I don't think I have ever been so excited to give a gift.
To bad Zade-babe was being a little turkey and I missed them opening it.
Such is life ;)

Have I told you yet that these were REALLY fun to make?!
All I did was dye each of the onsies and then I created stencils out of freezer paper.
A little fabric paint and Wha-la
a super cute,one-of-a-kind  baby gift.
(P.S. My brother-in-law loves to sail :)
If you want some great tips on dying and stenciling go here.

Of course I have to show you my fail. :)
I tried to hombre dye this one.

Brent said it looked like the baby already pooped in it.
That could have hurt my feeling if i didn't totally agree!
(To bad I gave it to them anyways. I mean the baby will probably poo in it anyways right!)

I hope this gives you a little baby-spiration!
(yes, i totally went there)

Come back tomorrow for the second half of this gift!


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  1. So cute! I have stencilled a tonne of onesies for my incoming baby but I LOVE the shipwheel one. I really want to do an anchor too

    1. AN anchor... I am totally kicking myself for not thinking of that! I think I may be a stencil addict now!

  2. these onesies are too darn cute! love the skull and cross bones!


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