Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My dream... Pattern Stash

The spring summer cleaning bug hit me this weekend, like literally when EVERYTHING in my craft closet fell out on my head. (more on that later) After I reorganized all my crafting stash, including my fabric hoard, I felt ubber (definitely a word) inspired to get some selfish sewing done. So I of course spent the evening searching the internet for new patterns to love on. Now here I am sharing the love...
(P.S. I got so inspired I started a sewing pattern wish list board you should check out!)

                       Washi Sewing Pattern

First off is made by Rae's washi dress pattern. How can you not want to sew this dress after seeing SO many great variations around the web!

                 Image of Maritime ShortsImage of Scout Woven Tee

Holla Grainline studio! This is the most normal shorts pattern I have ever found. Simple. Sweet. It looks like something I would wear everyday. The scout tee would not have grabbed my attention on it's own, but I have seen some pretty awesome ones on the inter-web.

                   Crescent blouse sewing patternEucalypt woven tank top & dress sewing pattern
                   Tania Culottes sewing patternBriar sweater and tshirt sewing pattern

Megan Neilsen I am in love. truly!  Do you see those culottes? I need that pattern, along with the blouse, tank, and sweater... And I hear they are so pretty in their little packages too. I am thinking this may be the first pattern designer I will have to purchase from.

satsuki by victory patternsRoxanne by Victory patterns

Ava by victory patternsSimone by victory patterns

Victory patterns is rockin' too! This is not my usual everyday wear but if I have a special occasion this is the site I will be visiting.

There are more but I will stop here before my (and your) bank account kills me! Happy sewing!
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