Wednesday, May 30, 2012

homemade vanilla extract

When we decided to make the switch full-time to eating unprocessed food
I knew I as going to have to do something about vanilla extract.
Between making bread and granola almost every week,
and pretty much every recipe having it as an ingredient, (maybe a slight exaggeration ;))
We happen to use a TON now.

For a couple of years my mil has been encouraging me to make some homemade vanilla extract as gifts.
Well, I never got around to it...
 Until, well, I needed it (blush)!
It was super simple to make.
And would make a FABULOUS gift, if you are not a procrastinator like me!

You wanna know how to make it?
Here ya go

I read A LOT of tutes about making this and most people recommended using vodka.
But a few also said you could use rum or brandy instead for a different taste.
I may have to try spiced rum next time....YUM! 

Step one: Starting one inch from the top, cut your vanilla bean in half with a paring knife.

*You will need 3 to 4 beans per every cup of liquor used.

Step two: Measure out you liquor and pour it into your bottle.

* I used 4 beans because my bottle held 1 1/4 cups of liquor.
* Be sure to use a bottle that seals nice and tight

Step three: Seal your bottle and give it a good shake!

* You should see some of the seeds already floating around

Store your container in a cool dark place.
Give it a good shake every week.
It should be ready to use in two months.

(Can you tell I have already used it a few times! Sorry about the fingerprints.)

*Extra tips*
1. I bought my vanilla beans off of Amazon. 
2. Only buy as many as you need for you container unless you plan to make some gifts because the leftover beans do not store long!
3. When your bottle gets about half full fill it again with liquor and you are ready to go. You can keep refilling it like this, with the same beans, about three years!!!! 
4. I ordered my bottle because I wanted one that would last, but I don't think it was necessary. You can get bottle like this or with a cork top at most any store.

I have a pretty great gift idea coming up for you if  you decide to make extra of these little wonders!

Happy Baking!

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  1. I got true vanilla extract from Haiti, it is so much better than the imitation!!! BUT you have to use HALF of what most recipes call for because it is the straight up, real deal. With your recipe, does it also require cutting it in half?


    1. I don't think so :/ I have been using the amount the recipe calls for and everything has turned out great so far!

  2. anyone need vanilla beans? visit us in


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