Thursday, February 16, 2012

cauliflower pizza crust


Whoop! I love to eat!

Today was a pinterest recipe day.
I tried three different recipes.
One was perfection:


One was good, but needed a little work:
(pictured above)

It was a little salty.
I need to figure out how to replace all
the cheese in the crust with something else.
Any good ideas?
If I can tweak this just a bit I think it could become a house staple!

One was a FLOP:
(It was yummy but still a flop)

The original recipe probably works great.
I think my little change screwed it up.
I read (on pinterest of course) that you could chill coconut milk
and mix it and you could use it to replace whip cream.
It never got to whip cream consistency for me so when I added it
to the other ingredients it made it all very runny.

On a positive note:
I have it in the freezer and I am going to see if it
will make a nice frozen dessert.
The hubs and I just tried some and although it was delicious it was VERY runny!
I'll let you know if it every firms up. 
If it does it will be made often! :)

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