Monday, August 20, 2012

erasable weekly calendar { Tutorial }

Today was back to school day where I live.
Thank goodness that doesn't effect me anymore/yet!
Oh I hated those first day of school nerves when I was a teacher.
As a mother,  I am TOTALLY not ready to send either of my children off to school.
They  need to stay with this mamma
(Today I feel that way. Tomorrow I may be willing to pay someone big money to take them ;)
I know back to school means busy. busy. busy.

I made this little beauty a couple of weeks ago and it has been a life saver.

a weekly calendar

Yeah, I'm loving it.
You want to make one too?

First go find a frame with 7 or 8 openings.

If you are lucky- you'll find one on clearance like I did. Whoop!

Take the mat out of the frame and cut the burlap about one inch larger than the mat on all sides.

Fold the burlap over onto the back of the mat and glue down (I used hot glue).

Be sure to snip your corners so they don't end up to bulky.

Your mat should look like this from the front once you are done.

Take your scissors and cut from the center of each frame to the corners.

Fold each piece of  burlap back and glue. Trim the excess burlap off.

This is what your mat will look like when your done.
Pretty pretty :)

Use a picture (the size of your frames) to cut out the scrap book paper.

I used the paper that came with the frame- you know the one with all the random smiling people- to tape my scrap book paper to.

Paint the frame white.

Put it all back together and Wha-La ~
You have a cute new calendar!

I hope this helps make your busy school year run a little more smoothly :)

Much love

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  1. I purchased a frame a couple months back to do this with...sadly it still sits in the corner of my craft room with the price tag on it! lol This gives me motivation to drag it out and work on it ;-) not tonight motivation...but...maybe tomorrow... :-)


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