Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look who turned one!

Has it really been two months since my last post?! Sorry guys! Life just got the best of me. Good news though, all that time I wasn't here I was snuggling my sweet babies. Speaking of sweet babies, Mattie turned one this past weekend. ONE! And what a precious little one year old she is.

The past year has been so hard and so fun at the same time. I never knew how strong I was that is for sure! Mattie is a strong willed adventurous little girl. She is the polar opposite of her sister (except for the strong willed part!) and I just adore her. She is so stinking silly.

And she totally rocks the toothless grin!

She gives the most amazing snuggles and is such a little/ big girl. She is not even on the growth chart she is so petite, but her pediatrician and I agree that she can't gain weight because she is moving all. the. time.

She eats like a horse and she adores her big sister. She took her first step the week before her birthday, but hasn't tried again since, crawling is just so much quicker! She finally started to sleep through the night about two weeks ago and about that same time she stopped nursing. Sad day for this mamma! Pointing and clapping are her two favorite tricks (besides throwing her drink on the floor. repeatedly.)

I spend most of my day trying to snuggle her close and smooch those soft cheeks, but in reality I spend most of it watching that cute bum as it crawls away and soothing her after yet another head bonk. 

Life has been intense, to say the least, this past year, but really it has been wonderful. I can not imagine my life without this little girl and I am so excited to see the girl she becomes. Life will never be boring with Mattie around, that is for sure!


PS: We threw a bike themed party for Mattie and it turned out so cute! Pictures coming soon!
I am sewing along with Project Run and Play so come back later today to see my stripes and polka dot outfit.

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