Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's spring time so I made a new dress!

SO I did something super wild today...
I mean really stinking crazy.
I am not going to tell you what!
Well not yet at least ;)

I am going to show you an entirely too cute dress I made.
But before that, guess what...
I found my new favorite thing in the blogging world
Sew A Longs!
(I know, I know... I am SO new at this blog thing :)

Anywho, this dress is the product of my first sew a long adventure!!
If you want to make one too
it is so easy
just follow this tutorial.

Warning: excess amount of pictures of me... sorry about that.
Can you tell I am proud ;)

This is the perfect little dress for church

(Aren't these shoes so cute. They were my grandmothers!)

(Zadie needed to help)

Or running to the store

(If you decide to make this dress I think a thinner fabric would hang nicer!)

(Weird face, but lovely purse!)

(I even made this cute little belt!)

Or, switch up the belt add some funky shoes and go out on the town!

(I heart these shoes)

Isn't it sew stinking cute! (pun intended ;)
Now go make one.
Then take a trillion pictures of yourself in it.
I'll come tell you how cute it looks!

So- have you found anymore good sew-a-longs out there? Do share! I am so excited I have even started a pin board for them!!

much love


  1. Such a cute dress! Great job! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays; hope you'll be back again this weekend with more great ideas!


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