Monday, March 12, 2012

My new tank!

I am having an off few weeks.
I can't seem to get my act together.
I feel like I lost half my brain since I had my girls.

Anyone else out there feel my pain?!?

I have forgotten a doctor's appointment for BOTH of my girls in the last week.
They are hating me at that doctor's office!
But not anymore than I am hating on myself.
I have NEVER missed a doctor appointment before...
And now I have missed two in a week.

I really think I am going crazy.

So in attempt to feel sane and like I have actually accomplished something
I decided to do an easy sewing project...
Like one I could start and finish in a week.

I found this awesome tutorial 
on an even awesomer (totally a word :) blog
showing how to make a razor back tank.

Trying to sit straight so you can't see the baby weight...
Don't judge :)

I made the back a little tight, 
but I am hoping I could wear a different bra and fix the pulling.

I am slowly but surely conquering my fear of knits and stretchy material.
Woo hoo!

So what do you think?

I also had a few helpers with my modeling shoot today
and I thought it would only be fair if I shared some pics of them too! ;)

She was checking to make sure the shirt was stain proof for me.
She is so thoughtful

Oooh I just love her!

Hope you enjoy and maybe go make a tank of your own.
I mean, come on, spring is a little more than a WEEK away!!!

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