Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

I have scored some great finds lately and I wanted to share!

I had a fun little shopping trip to Jo-Ann's with a gift card in hand
and two little cuties by my side.

to make this:

And all these because they were on sale and I LOVED them!

And all this scrumptious beauty to try make this:

need to make this! 

Then on the way to an art festival I stopped at a yard
sale and found some fabulous goodies!

Don't you love these frames!

The detail is stunning.
mmm... and I have NO idea what I am going to with them!
But I do see paint in the very near future...

This is what caught my eye first.
Aren't you in love; I know I am!
Now, do you have any idea what I should do with them ?! 
Just Joking
I know the gods of inspiration will hit me sometime ;)
Now where to store them...

And finally
I stopped by old time pottery on my way to a baby shower 
and found
For only a buck fifty in the discount section, I couldn't pass up this baby.
I am seeing a little chalk board paint in this frame's future!

OOOOHHH! and I finally found the material for Zadie's window seat!

Now to find the time to make a cushion!
and a dress.
and a skirt for Zadie.
and some frames...

I better get busy :)

And for a little laughter-
Zadie got into the junk drawer and found a wig we had laying around.
(Don't judge- we have wigs in our junk drawer. That is totally normal :)

Much love 


  1. Gorgeous fabrics! Makes me want to run downstairs and hunt through the material box and start sewing! Sad thing is, my 'downstairs' room is outside and it's bucketing rain....sigh....Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. Rainy days are the BEST days to sew though! a cup of coffee and some pretty fabric... It sounds like heaven right?!


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