Wednesday, March 14, 2012

clean eating menu 3

Well, so far so ... okay.
I wish I could say good but we have cheated a few times.
We went out to eat once because I wanted a break.
Remind me next time that taking a 19 month old out to dinner is by no means a break! :)
I think we scared my pregnant sister in law...
I can't find whole wheat buns so we have cheated there,
and we have not been eating local meat because I have been trying to finish what I already had frozen.

Besides that, we are golden.
I am feeling like I am kinda getting the hang of it and not spending the whole day in the kitchen anymore.
I even feel like I am losing the baby weight!!!
And we all feel a lot better and more energetic.
(Well energetic for not getting very much sleep at night. ;)

So here goes week 3.
My goal is to find/ learn how to make those dag-blasted whole wheat buns!


Greek yogurt


Fresh in season fruit and veggies
Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
grilled cheese topped with

Spinach Pesto (aka Spanakopita Pesto)


(We had this tonight and it was SO VERY GOOD!)
Roasted Cauliflower and Aged White Cheddar Soup

With a side of


Drum Roll Please....


And if I can ever remember to get Popsicle molds 

Wanna come to dinner?
It makes me hungry just typing it!

I have been reading about cooking oils this week.
There is so much information out there it can be so overwhelming!

So I've decided to take it slowly.
I purchased coconut oil this week because I saute veggies over medium heat A LOT.
I haven't used it yet. I keep forgetting :/
I'll let you know what I think.

Remember it is not to late to join me on my no processed food March.
I would love to hear from you-
how are you doing?
Have you found any delicious recipes?
Have you learned anything interesting?

Talk to me.

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