Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday is for the moms

* Disclaimer* I have decided to learn how to really use my camera... yesterday was the first day taking pictures in manual mode... these pictures are all from yesterday... i am not a quick learner ;)

My baby girl is 8 and a half months old and a spitfire! Unless she is sleeping, she is ALWAYS moving,
an arm, rolling around, or her absolute favorite- kicking something.

She started to crawl this past week... you know that cute little army crawl. She is so stinking pleased with herself! I see my life getting MUCH more hectic. 

We had a rainy day yesterday and Zadie's curls went CRAZY!
Oh how I hope these curls never go away.
I may never cut her hair just in case ;)

Mattie loves seeing herself in the mirror.
I wish this picture was a video and you could hear her sweet belly laughs.
This girl was cracking herself up!

Do you remember when we were having a baby shower for this little girl.
I can not believe how quick time has gone.
and I can not wait to watch these two become best friends!

I think Sphinx Moths are so cool!
My in-laws get them ALL OVER their ginger plants.
We seriously take chairs outside some evenings and just watch the action.

The beginning of last week was hard in mommy-ville.
A weepy, defiant two year old and a baby who seemed to hate sleeping,
by Wednesday this mamma had jumped on the crazy train.
Thankfully I have sisters.
After putting the girls to bed, I met up with one of them and spent time venting and laughing.
Even though I got less sleep that night I woke up Thursday morning rejuvenated and liking my kidlets again.

It solidified the point that I have to take time for myself.
So  I will.
And my family will be happier.
Take that!

I am ready for a great week. I have a million projects on my to-do list.
To bad I have a million chores on it too!

Cheers to Monday and crawling babies and sweet toddler curls.
It is great being a mom.
(most of the time ;)


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