Friday, September 28, 2012

hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin'

Are you hungry?
If not, I am about to help you out!
I realized recently that I am not sharing my number one creative outlet on my blog.
Sewing. Well I love spending my time getting my seam on,
but it is not really kiddo friendly therefore it does not get to happen as much.

Zadie loves to cook.
Add that to our clean eating pledge 
and it means this lady cooks A LOT.

So I am trying to remember to document our kitchen explorations for your viewing pleasure.

First up is one of my favorite dishes, roasted cauliflower and aged white cheddar soup.
Um. Can you say YUM!
I also made these broccoli bites for the first time and they were delish.
I do change these recipes a bit to fit our diet, but I am sure they all taste just as lovely when fixed exactly like the recipe states.

Pretty stinking good.

A little lunch salad. So good.

Zadie's lunch. 
(Don't worry. She eats like 5 million meals a day. The girl does not go hungry :)

We (by we I mean me :) were having a totally sweet tooth craving one morning so we made these glazed donut muffins.
Am I the only person in the world who has my most severe sweet tooth cravings in the morning.
dessert- smert give me krispy kreme for breakfast any day!

I shared recently that the hubs and I got to go scalloping for a day, and these little beauties are a few of our delish treasures.
I love scallops.
I love pesto.
I REALLY love pasta.
This pesto vermicelli with scallops is to die for!
P.S. That is some homemade pesto yo. Fresh from the garden.

We recently dug up our sweet potatoes from the garden and I thought this sweet potato burger would be the perfect way to show case these beauties
and boy was it!
(This was our first year growing sweet potatoes and it was so fun. It is crazy how much better food taste straight from the garden!)

Last but definitely not least is a sneak peak of a little recipe I made up myself and will be sharing soon... aka- when I make another batch and take pictures BEFORE they are all gobbled up!

I swear I have SO MANY sewing projects to share with you.
I just really stink at taking pictures.
and since I have been sewing for myself a lot,
that means I have to actually bathe and fix my hair for the pictures...
It may be a while guys ;)


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