Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's be adventurers- Mommy edition

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This week I have been feeling the itch for a little adventure.
I'm not really picky.
It could be a day at the beach trying to paddle board for the first time.

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Or an overnight trip to this cute little bed and breakfast I have been dying to go to in this fabulous little hippy town.

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You know I wouldn't turn down a trip to Greece, my dream, either.

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In reality the hubs and I got to take a semi-spontaneous overnight night trip just last weekend with some of our favorite people.

We went scalloping.
Have you ever gone?
It is so fun and rejuvenating.
We were on the water for two days straight snorkeling and having adult time.
We went out to a nice dinner and leisurely had drinks while listening to an hilarious one man band in perfect outdoor conditions.
It was amazing and it reminded me of our newlywed days.
That being said, I missed my girls like CRAZY and I would much rather take them with me on my adventures if someone could just invent a pill or something that took the place of a nap!

If I am being completely honest, sometimes I loose sight of how great I have it and I get antsy.
I start to worry that the adventurous part of my life is done.
Each day starts to feel REALLY monotonous and boring.
Each of these emotions are all really normal I imagine, I am not trend setter ;), but they are really sad.
I hate how it is in my nature to always feel unfulfilled, you know that the grass is always greener somewhere else.

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So my goal for this weekend is to enjoy the small things, water my own lawn, ya know.
I am going to giggle a lot.
Go outside.
and sew.
3 things I adore and I can do any boring ole' day :)

I am going to be greatfull.

Because my life is SO good.
But, don't you worry, I am not going to neglect my adventurer needs.
The best mom is a fulfilled mom.
SO, I am going to plan a little trip for the near future 
and when I feel antsy I am going to think about it and smile,
then get back to the moment I am living in.


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