Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a few of my favorite things 3 * A BIRTHDAY BASH *


Zadie's favorite things in the world to do right now are
* Bubbles
* Sidewalk chalk
* Swimming
The girl has good taste :)

So, in honor of our party's theme we had to have ALL of her favorite activities!

Did I forget to mention that Z-baby also LOVES hunting Easter eggs- like we still have weekly egg hunts.
So in honor of that love we had a water balloon hunt.
Each of the kids were allowed to find two water balloons and then we had a water balloon toss...
at Brent! 
I may have enjoyed it more than the kids. 
This was the only organized group activity we did.
I wanted to start the party off with a planned game just to get the kids use to playing with each other.

After that the kids were left to play with whatever they wanted.

They had fun "Painting" with sidewalk chalk

(I love this picture)
Playing in the sprinklers

Shooting each other with water guns

and blowing bubbles.

We had all different age kids coming to the party
and I was a little scared that the games would be to "baby" for them
but it worked out perfectly.

The older boys had a water gun war.
The older girls had fun drawing and in the sprinklers.
And the middle age kids (you know like 3 and 4)
loved the bubbles.
The toddlers mostly stayed near the kiddie pool and every one played together so nice!


Because Zadie's birthday is in the middle of summer, in Florida, I knew the only bearable way to have an outdoor party was to have it early.
The party started at nine and I made sure to let everyone know on the invitations that breakfast would be provided.
Lucky for us pancakes are Zadie's favorite food!

List of food:
* chocolate chip pancakes
* yogurt and granola cps
* watermelon
* cantalope
* grapes
* egg and bacon muffins
* Krispy Creme donuts
* cupcakes

I let the guest eat right as they arrived, we played outside, then we did cake and gifts.

It was lovely!

much love


  1. This sounds like a perfect birthday! I am glad that everything worked out! Having breakfast is such a good idea!

  2. By giving gift we expressed our way of love to our dear and near ones.It is the symbol of our affection because mostly we will give what our loved ones like.


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