Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday is for the Moms

My girls.
I have a hard time believing that eight months has passed since this picture was taken.
I love so much watching them become sisters.
Anytime Zadie looks at Mattie is makes her scream out in pure delight.
And nine times out of ten when I asked Z who she wants to thank God for at night she says "Sissy."
It does this mamma's soul good.

I wish every part of having two children was beautiful, but truth be told there are many hard parts too.
Like watching Zadie take things from her little sister repeatedly.
It is so hard not to treat Z like a little adult,
to not be completely offended that she would take joy from her little sister.
She is only two.
Not a little adult.
Snatching will be done and time-outs will follow.
Such is the nature of things :)

Sometimes Mattie will decide she doesn't need to sleep 
and she will inevitably wake up Z.
No late mornings or long naps will be had by anyone.

They are truly sisters.
Today has been a day full of tears and laughter, 
snatches and kisses,
tantrums and snuggles.

I would like to curl up in bed and take a nap but the girls will not have it.
They will call for me and I will go get them.
Because they are much children
and what a blessing they are.
(Although sometimes it is a blessing in disguise :)

I am feeling it today.
The intensity of being a mom, of being needed all the time.
It is not something I have always loved about motherhood.
But it is something that has changed me, maybe even refined me, in such good ways.

I need these girls as much as they need me, 
that is a fact.
But that does not mean I am not looking forward to an "easy" day.
One where naps are not skipped.
Time-out is not needed.
Giggles run rampant through the house.
And the house is not grimy. 

I'll get one soon enough and I will think,
"I've got this whole mom-thing down."
Oh silly me, don't I remember pride comes before a fall :)
And I will have to remember that having this mom thing down will never happen.
It just doesn't exist.

To be a "good" mom is to be ever evolving,
Always evaluating yourself, your actions and reactions.
Then  changing what you don't like and what doesn't work.

This mom thing is hard.
Good thing the kids are so dang cute.

How is your day going? Mom or not, we all feel the pressure of being needed when we feel like we don't have much to give. What do you do to get a handle on things? Share your wisdom. I'm listening.

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