Monday, October 15, 2012

kcwc day 5 (a little late)

I had sew :)  much fun participating in kcwc!
6 out of 7 days were spent sewing away 
(well for an hour or two at least)
I have a couple more projects to share with you.
I know I am a little late getting these up, but this weekend was cray-cray!
Last night was the first time I had a moment 
but a cup of hot tea, snuggles with the hubby, and Sherlock won out.

Do you watch this show?
I really cannot believe I am going to have to wait another YEAR (or more) before the next season comes out.

Anywho, I tried my hand at a cute pair of shoes for Mattie girl for the 5th day of kcwc.

I really love how they turned out.

Some TOM-esqe stitching really made them pop.

I used this pattern for size 0-6 months.
Mattie is 9 months old now and they are a little big on her.
Boy oh boy do they look cute on her though!

I'll be back tomorrow with my last project.


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