Thursday, October 25, 2012

a broken computer and the final installment of kcwc

So I had a little accident last week.
I was writing this post, the last installment of kcwc,
when I spilled an ENTIRE cup of water on my computer.
sad day.
Good news though- they saved her!

Well since this post is already so late I will get straight to the point.
Zadie baby needed new pajamas in a BAD way.
She did rock the high waters though ;)

I found the cutest solid flannel an sale at Jo-Ann and it was pre-ruffled- heck yes!

So I bought a couple of colors.
I really wanted to make a top to go with them but I did not have enough fabric
and I didn't want to spend any money.
Good thing I was INCREDIBLY lazy and instead of filling a new bobbin I just used contrasting thread.

Into the refashion stash I went.
And luckily I had two  little shirts who were dying to become Zadie's.

A few new seems later we had some cute new PJs for miss Zadie pie!


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