Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Garden name stakes

We planted the fall garden last weekend and I was thinking it looked a little blah.
Rather than waiting for the actual plants to grow I gave the garden my own pizzazz!

The scrap pile gave me a few beauties.

Martha helped me with the letters

These little cuties were born.

Aren't they cute!
*Best Part* 
I got to finger paint the words on the sign.
It took me back to my younger years :)

Disclaimer- I am well aware that the broccoli sign is spelled wrong. I am terrible at spelling. The hubster is generally pretty good. We disagreed about how to spell broccoli. I listened to him. He was wrong. Now every time someone points out that it is spelled wrong I can tell them that story.
I am obviously a fabulous wife ;)

Much love

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