Thursday, October 4, 2012

The flower tunic

I finally took a picture of one of my sewing projects!
*Happy Dance*

The other day I got the strongest urge to create.
I really wanted a simple sewing project and this was the perfect one.
Have I told you lately how much I love pinterest.
It is seriously so nice to have all your projects stored in one place!

Jessica from me sew crazy was nice enough to create and share the pattern for this flower tunic.
Lucky for me it was the perfect size for miss Zadie!
I got to try my hand at fussy cutting for this shirt (notice the neckline)
and it was so fun to see how much a little bit of effort could really change a garment.

Thankfully she LOVED it!

The lovely part for me was that it only took one nap time to make!
Darling little girl...
Cute little shirt...
It is so fitting.

If you are looking for a pattern to use for kcwc you should totally add this one to the list!


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  1. I am adding this pattern to my list of things to sew for my daughter. I need shirt patterns in the worst way! Your daughter is adorable! Perhaps she and you would like some of the projects I've sewn:


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