Monday, October 7, 2013

nursing cover revisited

A long while ago  in  my "It's baby time!" post series I wrote a (halfway) tutorial on nursing covers or hooter hiders as we call them around these parts! Well one of my dearest friends had a sweet little boy recently and she needed a nursing cover so she could start getting out and about a little more. I am always so happy to sew up one of these little covers for friends who want one. Although I have many good friends who are talented nursers sans a cover alas I was NEVER coordinated enough to manage that. This girl (talking about myself) is a sit down, have a boppy, in a completely private place kind of girl. It takes concentration for me the first couple of months! (my poor babies ;) So that makes me very understanding of the new mommas who want a little privacy while they "do their thing."

This was the first project in a long time that I went to pick out fabric specifically to use on it. It was so much fun finding fabric that I thought "matched" my friend and her style.
You know, it always surprises me how quickly these covers come together. I am generally intimidated as a seamstress (I use that term lightly) by hardware, such as D rings in this project, but truly it is not complicated at all.
I added a little hand stamped label to the inside corner because every new momma needs to hear they are loved as much as possible, especially when they are listening the the ear-piercing wails of a hungry newborn :) I really like making useful presents for people and I realized with this present that adding a hidden message makes it even more exciting!
                                                      happy sewing,

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