Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's that time of the year again... time for the kids clothing week challenge which basically means you commit, for one week, to sew one hour everyday for your children. I love this challenge because I always get so much more accomplished when there is a little pressure involved! I am going to be live posting what I accomplish for a little extra motivation and I will be instagramming (@thebrownabode) my works in progress too. So here is the wish list of what I would like to accomplish next week:

Halloween costumes

One costume is just going to be a little altering of an old Halloween costume, making a monkey a bear. The other costume is going to be a little more time intensive. I need to make a sweet dress for my little Goldilocks. I am planning on using the sally dress as a jumping off point and just kind of winging it from there!

Skinny jeans

I have wanted to make Peek-a-boo pattern's skinny jeans for a while now. I even bought the most perfect material LAST YEAR. I finally bought the pattern a few weeks ago and if that is not enough incentive Amy from nap time crafters (the pattern designer) is doing a sew-a-long next week. So I am planning to have this going on as a side project each day.


I just bought a load of cute knit material at a local fabric shop ( for 3 dollars a yard!!) that I need to turn into leggings for my girls. Since it does not get that cold here leggings are the PERFECT winter staple and neither of my girls have quite enough. I will probably use the go-to leggings patterns for Z baby and I may try out the fancy pants leggings for the little love bug.


If the costumes happen to go much quicker than I anticipate and I have some extra time I wouldn't mind also making
* a bimaa sweater
* Some undies for the girls
* Maybe a simple zermatt swing coat

Honestly, my girls already have a TON of clothes because they are the youngest cousins and I have really generous friends. But Z is beginning to enter the "between sizes" phase where she is a 3 in the waist still but a 4 or 5 in the length, so it will be nice to make her some really comfortable clothing. Also, she recently started to ask and get REALLY excited when I make her something so it is just fun. My littlest love bug has caught on to her sister's enthusiasm and she really likes when I make things for her as well. That is enough motivation for me. Besides what girl truly has "enough" clothes?!

                                                 Happy sewing,

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