Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I really love the town I live in. We have so many fun festivals and our downtown is a blast. As the girls get a little older we have been able to enjoy ourselves a little more and take advantage of the stuff happening around town. It has been wonderful! Almost every event/ place we have been to I have noticed women sporting these wide leg flowy pants. Every time I see a pair I fall a little more in love. They are like maxi skirts on steroids! I first thought I would draft a pattern of my own but after an ugly pant-sewing flop a few months ago I just kept putting it off. Then the stars aligned and I found the greenstyle willow ruffle pants. I wasn't interested in the ruffle for this project but I loved the design of the pants. So I grabbed some stretchy (cheap) fabric and made a wearable muslin.

I really like how they turned out but I do plan on making some changes. I cut out a size small for the waist and legs and I used the longest length (xl maybe?). Next time I would cut an extra small in the waist and hips because I would like them a little more fitted on my booty.
(Back view)

The rise was also a lot longer than I wanted. I plan on removing the waistband and cutting off some of the length on the rise and then reattaching the waist... one day. For now I just tuck the extra material into the waistband but it does get annoying having to readjust every ten minutes, so I will probably fix it sooner rather than later.
(front view)
I love love love the drape of the legs. I actually wouldn't mind a little more width. I am thinking I might size out when coming down off the hips so it looks a little more like a maxi skirt when I am standing up. I made a total newbie error while I was sewing these pants and I pulled the material because the pant legs weren't quite meeting up and that is why you see all the puckering down the leg. It is actually pretty bad, but this style pant is so forgiving that I think they are still wearable. (and I have gotten a TON of compliments too!)
These are seriously the most comfortable pants in my closet and they are versatile to boot. I have thrown on some flip flops (it is still so warm here) and worn them to story time with my girl, and I have put on a pair of heels for a date with my man out on the town. They are lovely. AND they took less than an hour to sew up with my serger! What! Definitely expect to see more soon.
Happy sewing,

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