Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fantastically easy bathingsuit cover

I ordered the cutest bathing suit cover this summer on amazon, Backless Black Bikini Cover-up (affiliate link). I. love. it. when I want to feel a little sexy. Hence I purchased it for a child-free vacay the hubby and I went on this summer. I will warn you that it is made from a really thin knit so it stretches. So if your plan is to walk to a pool or beach and then take it off you are golden. If you plan to carry a baby on your hip while walking to said pool or beach I would recommend making your own from a little thicker material that holds it's shape a little better. Funny story- Last time I wore this cover it was on a beach excursion  with just me and my girls. I wore it to the beach and then I slipped it on again to head into a store to get Popsicles on the way home. By the time I was putting the girls back in the car the cover was so "backless" that is was hanging UNDER my bum. Folks this was NOT made for chasing babies. But it is very flattering if you get to go somewhere without kids ;) If you have kids in tow you should make something a little more sturdy like the version I made for my girlfriend.

She was heading on a cruise with her hubby and she LOVED my cover up but she could not get one in time (mine shipped from china) so I decided to make one for her. I could not find a knit as thin as what my cover was made from so I decided to just dye some spare knit from my stash.
It definitely holds it's shape MUCH better than the one I bought but the drape is not as forgiving. Luckily she looks like a barbie doll so she can pull it off :)

I added braided staps.

And a little love note. Overall I think it turned out really stinking cute. I am defiantly planning on making one for myself next summer. If you would be interested in a tutorial for this wrap let me know. I would be happy to make one for you and go ahead and get one done for next year!
                                                       happy sewing,

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