Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Craft closet review... How it has held up the last two years

I finally took some time to clean out my craft closet, now if I only would find the time to do the same for my poor kitchen! Since the creation of the craft closet (two years ago!) and then the revamping of the craft closet this poor space has seen A LOT of action. It may or may not have gotten to the point of the door refusing to close! ;) I took an afternoon to "organize" (organized chaos is my specialty) the space and it made me think that you may want an update on some of the pinteresty storage ideas I tried and if they worked or not.
First up, meet the workhorse of my closet. If you only have a little space to store your things I definitely recommend an over the door shoe holder. I have seen this idea many many times but usually they are using one with clear pockets, which looks a little more clean and allows you to actually see what you stored in each pocket. We already had this lovely green one so no easy clear pockets for me. I store my elastic, trims, zippers, glue, and jewelry supplies in this.

I also LOVE my peg board. I originally planned to hang a HUGE one but I changed my mind last minute, thank goodness. I don't have a ton of things I would want to store on it but I do have a few things such as my scissors and rotary cutter, that I use all.the.time., that fit perfectly.
I forgot to take a picture of just my hanging jars for this post but you can see them in the first picture and you can kind of see them in the pic above. The tin cans on the magnetic strip is by far one of the cuter features of my sewing space, but also one of the most useless. I knock the jars down all the time and they can not hold very much. Maybe it would work better if the magnetic strip was stronger, I don't know.
The three jars that are hanging from the shelf are super useful for holding needles and safety pins but I totally "screwed" up by not using two screws when connecting them to the shelf. For some unknown glorious reason this has mostly corrected itself, but at first they would spin like crazy and I could hardly get them to unscrew to actually use them.
The cork board is new. I wanted a place to hang list and pictures/ fabrics that inspire me.

Thread anyone?
I also commandeered a shelf sitting beside the closet that use to be filled with old Cd's and DVDs and filled it full of treasure.


Paints and stamps
I still wish I could find the perfect size storage containers for the bottom of the closet so it could look just a little nicer but I don't have high hopes due to the closets weird depth (one foot!) I also read the best tip the other day but I can not remember where, that if you share a sewing space with another used area of your house (my dining room) then you should keep a tub for your work in progress and all the supplies you need to finish it. I love this idea because it allows me to keep my dining room neat and also actually complete projects. One day I may show you a picture of my dining room with my sewing machine and serger in it, but not until I magically figure out a way for it to not look like a dining room with sewing machine in one corner and a serger in the other. (I know that sounds crazy but you know what I mean!)
Happy sewing,

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