Friday, October 25, 2013

KCW :: Day 4

I can hardly stand the excitement because I FINALLY have a finished garment to show you! Did I say "a" finished garment because I should have said TWO finished garments!!! I am so ready to get these two off my sewing table because I have some knit fabric that is calling my name!

Did I tell you the story about the time I tried Zade's almost finished Goldilocks Halloween costume on her and she cried because she wanted to be something different!? Where I would usually get really frustrated with the situation, this time I was a little heart warmed because she wanted to be a bear like mommy, daddy, and sissy. Sweet girl! Thankfully the crisis was adverted by a little addition to the costume.
We added her own secret bear in a pocket.
Needless to say she now LOVES her costume. Whew!
Here are a couple pictures of our finished Goldilocks costume.

(don't mind the pajama pants :)
I also finished up her skinny jeans.

They are a little baggier than I envisioned, but I could not make them any slimmer because the fabric was to thin. Guys, it was so thin (CHEAP) that after I sewed the entire pant up, and serged the seams for strength, they ripped TWICE while pulling them up for the final fitting. I am a little scared to throw these bad boys in the wash because I am pretty sure they will fall apart. Instead of being to sad about it I am going to count it as a lesson learned in buying cheap fabric (and call it a muslin for my sanity!) I love love love this pattern though and I will definitely make it again with a better fabric choice!
They got Zade's silly face seal of approval! I am off to make some leggings for the baby now. Ahhh, I cannot wait to sew with knit and I cannot believe I am saying that! :)
Happy sewing,


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