Monday, November 21, 2011

Finished lamp

A while ago I shared a picture about a lamp I redid using an idea I got from pinterest(surprise surprise!)

Here is the post if you missed it.

And a before picture, just for kicks! :)
It is a cute lamp it just didn't match my house anymore
I paid entirely TO MUCH for it to get rid of it.

Step one:

I wrapped the base in rope and hot glued it down as I went.

Step two:
Was to remove the existing fabric from the lampshade and recover it.
But, miss happy fingers over here :)
destroyed the ENTIRE shade as I TRIED to take the fabric off.

I looked for days and days trying to find a way to salvage at least the metal supports of the shade.
There were options
they were expensive options.

THEN one day while meandering through JoAnn's
I happened to see that they sold self adhesive lamp shades!
So I whipped out my coupon and paid a whopping 7 bucks.

I had this burlap remnant from a previous trip to JoAnn's.
I just cut it to size and pressed it down.
I folded the excess fabric inside the shade and hot glued
it down.
I covered the rough edges with gray bias tape.

Step three:
Should be adding the painted knob to the top to hold the
shade down.
It was Z-baby's favorite toy for a little while
now it is in never-never land.
I WILL find it though!

DO any of you have my luck? It seems like every time I am almost done with a project I realize I missed a step/ or am missing something!
It just causes me to be even more creative right?! ;)

I hope you have a wonderfully magnificent Thanksgiving week!

~Happy creating


  1. Love what you did with the lamp!! Great job!

  2. This looks like it was a fun little project :) Dont you love when projects end up giving you "new" things???


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