Monday, October 17, 2011

Rope lamp

I am going to time warp back to the past for today's project. I am currently in the throws of figuring out a Halloween costume for my sweet lil' peacock. If you read my last post you know I was having a hard time deciding if I should make or buy Zadie's costume. Well, there are no peacock costumes left in her size so make it, it is! (I won't lie... I am very excited about it too!) Anywho I am telling you this as an excuse for the lack of fresh new projects. There will be a good one coming soon... Promise!

A couple months ago I was browsing pinterest and came across this really cute rope lamp. I just NEVER have enough lamps in my house. I really need to go thrift store shopping and find some new ones, but alas I having been putting it off for the last 2 years little while. ;) Well, when I saw this lamp idea I was thrilled because I have this lamp that I spent a fortune (in my world) on- it was $40!!! What!? I don't know what got into me because it is a completely impractical color and the look is very modern for my taste.

I really loved it at the time I bought it but the thrill has worn off. Plus, my dinning room use to be painted a similar color so it helped bring that color into my living room, but I recently changed my DR to gray so now it is kind of just a misfit. 

So,  I went to Home Depot, bought two rolls of sisal rope, whipped out my handy-dandy hot glue gun and wha-la I was on my way to a new lamp.

It was so easy and it is SO much closer to something I would actually use in my house. Here is a close-up of the rope.

I literally just started gluing the rope at the bottom right above the cord hole and wrapped and glued until I got to the top. I began and ended on the same side so that I would have at least one pretty side.
This lamp has not seen it's last modification though.
The lamp shade is getting recovered. It looks like they just glued this fabric to a sheet of poster board. I am going to rip the fabric off and hopefully reuse the same backing. I am thinking about using an off white jute fabric. I would love to do like a blue and white striped and go for the nautical look, but it just would not fit in the decor of my abode.
I also need to do something with the orange knob at the top of the lamp. I am thinking either brown spray paint or more rope. I guess you (and I) will have to wait and see! ;) I hope you like my half finished lamp. Come back soon and see the finished product!

~Happy re-purposing

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