Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabric Wreath tutorial

In the big mantel/ shelf reveal Wednesday (Ok, I know it wasn't big to you, but to me it was huge!:) I showed a picture of my new fall wreath. I also promised a tutorial so here it goes.

Just a reminder if you forgot!

I created the wreath form from some pipe insulator I got from Lowes.
I very elaborately ;) connected the ends together with duct tape. No one will ever see this form so use what you have.

I went to my fabric closet and picked out some fall-esk fabric. P.S. I LOVE this fabric! I just stole it from my grandmother's stash and I think it is lovely.

I cut out two 5-6 inch thick strips. I was not very exact because it doesn't really matter since you will be covering parts of it while wrapping.
(Sorry about the foot shot)

I started wrapping at the duct tape, not for any particular reason just because I wanted to. I hot glued the fabric to the foam as I wrapped.

A close up view.

The finished product... and another foot shot. Sorry guys!

I wrapped the wreath, in the same direction as the fabric, with some orange lace I also collected from my grandmother's stash. I just love her!

I have shared before that I tend to OVER decorate things and I am really trying to work on this. So in the spirit of change I decided to keep the wreath very simple. Also, as I shared last post, my favorite part of the fall mantel was the burlap window frame. So I did not want to steal any thunder from that piece.

So cute and Simple.I love the shabby chic look so I decided to leave the fabric ends not hemmed and I did not try and wrap the lace perfectly even.
Gotta love the imperfections!

Finally, I hot glued on some fabric flowers and Wha-la I was done! I did not take step by step pictures of the flower-making process because it wasn't very pretty! ;)

The lace for the top flower was just a scrap piece of ruffled lace that I wrapped and sewed tightly at the bottom and just let the ruffles do the flowering part.

The middle flower was a scrap of burlap. I tied a knot at one end and twisted the rest of the fabric and wrapped it around the knot.

The bottom flower is some soft netting I bought in the Halloween section of JoAnne's. I just kinda gathered it in a wad in my hand and rearranged it until I liked the look and then I sewed it up.

I warned you it wasn't pretty :/

But the wreath sure is! I think it looks great on the burlap back-drop.

If you have always been intimidated by making your own wreath you should really try this method. It cost me about $1 to make. The wreath I really like at JoAnne's was $60 dollars!! Even with it being 60% off I believe I got the better deal!

~Happy wreathing (that is totally a real word)

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  1. That is so pretty! I can't believe it's humble beginnings. I am also from the "use what you have" school. I am a new follower from Flamingo Toes. Vicky from Mess For Less


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