Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crush of the week!

So now I have sunken so low that I am stealing blog ideas! :) I was on one of my favorite blogs yesterday, flamingo toes, and I read the cutest post about her favorite finds for the week. So, in the spirit  of a true mooch I am going to copy her idea! I have three crushes for this week.

Crush One:

My first crush is a book I read recently A Visit from the Goon Squad.

Now if you are very conservative in your reading and you are easily offended, this is not the book for you. I am not saying that it is a horribly offensive book, I am just giving a fair warning that it has some language and graphic descriptions.
This book was the Pulitzer prize winner for fiction this year. When I first began reading it I had very high expectations and that were not quickly met. Actually I got about 5 chapters in and I was ready to throw the book away, but instead, I went to NPR's website and I read a few articles and reviews on it. I am so glad I did that because it explained the writing style of the book. They tell how each chapter is based on a different character and written in a DIFFERENT voice. What an incredible feat! Even though you are never reading a chapter from the perspective of the same character you still get an amazingly in-depth picture of who the "person" of each character is. I read this book with my book club and it was one of the most fantastic and insightful discussions I have ever been apart of. I give this book 5 stars for creating a modern genre that is insightful and intelligent! Finally my generation is getting something right :)

Crush Two:

My second crush this week is a product. I discovered it at the beginning of last summer and I fall more in love ever day with Aveno's tinted moisturizer.

I always read these product reviews in magazines for moisturizers that they call affordable and they are like 30-50 bucks. I do not call that affordable! In my budget this product is a splurge even with coupons. This moisturizer is like a little piece of heaven in my life. I had heard about tinted moisturizers for the last couple of years, but I was content to stick to my (lazy) make-up free policy. Then, sweet Zadie entered the world and sleepless night began with days, okay weeks, of fighting to fit in a shower and people who just HAD to take pictures of the new (greasy and worn-out) happy family. After the first batch of pictures showed up on facebook I decided the days of no make-up were gone. The problem was I couldn't find the time for makeup pre Zadie, how would I ever find the time now? Well, good thing it takes about .3 seconds to moisturize your face. I just use this baby everyday and if I know I am going to be around a lot of people I may even throw on some eye shadow! This is a lazy mommy must-have in my book!

Crush Three:

Drum roll please.... crush number three is a blog that I just discovered this week! It is an amazing site if you are a do-it-yourselfer : She is a female wood-worker. I am so many levels of jealous over her mad skill! :) Brent wont even let me touch a saw and for good reason- I suck. Her plans are super simple and very useful. I am having a blast picking out new plans for Brent to build. We have a major project on the books for Zadie's new big girl room and we found some Ana White plans we really like for it. I will keep you posted if we get the guts to actually try it!

Well there you go for my new crushes of the week! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you already like or decide to try out one of these recommendations.
~happy crushing

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