Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New shelf ~ pseudo mantel

One day I will own a house with a mantel... and a fireplace... and if I am REALLY lucky the house will be located in a place where a fireplace will actually be used. 

 Hmmmm.... A girl can dream right?!

Since I currently live in a house with no fireplace, therefore no mantel, I created my own. I showed a teaser picture in my last post of a blank space above my couch.
So sad and bare! :(

 I have been seeing all of these cute pictures on pinterest and blogs of mantels. I was jealous to say the least. Then, one day I walked out to our wood pile and discovered the most beautiful rough cut wood. I gave Brent my puppy dog eyes and Wha-la! I had an amazing rustic shelf to use as my pseudo mantel. (He really likes to use his tools-My eyes had no affect on him)
Luna (one of my weenie dogs) decided to grace this picture as well. :) Here is a close up view.

I LOVE it!

I think it may need a pendant banner but I am still brainstorming that topic. My favorite piece is the window frame with the burlap. I thought this part turned out great! I also love my wreath. I will post a tutorial on that soon.

So, do you like it? Be honest- Do you think it needs a pendant banner hanging from the bottom? Let me know what you think!

~Happy fall y'all

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