Monday, November 7, 2011

I made jewelry AHHH!

Hey friends!
Happy Monday!
Or if your Monday has gone like mine has, so far, then hopefully you will have a quick Monday!

Well family photos are upon us this week. Yay!
I always want to run out and get invisaline and smile lessons and freckle lightener (does that exist?!) before picture day.
I am such a teenager sometimes!

I am not a very photogenic person, but luckily I have an AMAZING photographer!

Z- baby is having her 1 year old pics done.
(I know I am 3 or so months behind!)
I am having a few maternity shots done.
And we are taking our Christmas pictures.

I have been working on a few projects to use as props in the photos.
I wanted to share them with you.

First I'll show you the Christmas photo prop:
It was so super easy it is kind of embarrassing to show!

I just picked up this wooden tree at Michael's (for $3!) and spray painted it gold.
We are wearing neutral colors for our Christmas pic- off white, black and tan- so I wanted to keep our prop neutral too.
We shall see how it turns out!

A major plus is I cannot wait to use it in my Christmas decor. I love gold at Christmas time. Plus, those holes are for mini Christmas lights to stick through- How cute is that!

The second prop I worked on is a necklace.
If you know me, you know that I am not a huge fan of jewelry.
I wear it, but not often and usually only one piece at a time.

But I really wanted a sentimental piece for the new babe.
I, of course, stole the idea from one of my amazingly creative and talented friends.
She makes and sells these necklaces for people. Her etsy shop is called valley of Elah. She will use the person's child's name, name meaning, and initial as the decoration.

It always turns out SOOOOO cute!
To bad new baby has no name.
Well she does- I just haven't annoyed my husband to the point of committing yet :)

So I made my pendant more general but still so meaningful!

I LOVE it! Here are some close-up of the pendant.

If you want to make one I'll show you what I did to help you out.
Please remember: I am NOT a jewelry maker!

I bought the pendents from Micheal's. They came two to a pack....
I can't wait to try again!
I also bought another pack of charms that were the same brand to add to the necklace. That is where the medal piece came from.
The pendant is really easy to take apart, you just unlatch it!
I took it apart and cut a piece of white computer paper to match the size of the glass.
Then I pulled out an old Thesaurus I got at a yard sale FOREVER ago and started clipping.
For the heart on the back side of the pendant I just google imaged "vintage heart graphic" and picked one I liked. I moved it to paint and saved it as a Jpeg. Then I scaled it down and made it sepia in picnic photo software.
I then pasted it to paint and printed it on regular paper.

The button came from some scrap booking supplies I had on hand.
I just twisted the brad in the back around the necklace chain and then I dabbed some hot glue on it.

I really like how it turned out! I can't wait to see what my photographer does with it!
And just for kicks... Look how cute Z-baby looked for church yesterday!

I hope you like my necklace and Christmas tree!
Are you taking any Christmas pictures soon?
Are you one of those super-awesome people who can take your own?
If so I am very jealous.

~Happy photo-taking!


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  2. Good job on the DIY necklace.

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