Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I spent a lot more money then I have in a while on clothes. They were mostly clothes for Z-baby because she is (Finally) having her one year photos taken (I am such a procrastinator!)
I did buy a few items for myself since I am having some maternity photos done too.

I ALWAYS shop from the sale rack.
I can't help it,
It is kind of like an illness.

When I finished my shopping spree today I did not feel giddy like I remember feeling in the (two income, pre-children) past. I didn't feel guilty either- I refuse to let myself! ;)
All I could think was, "I wonder if they had coupons on their website that I missed?"

I am a coupon addict. I could not be on that tv show- extreme couponers- or anything like that. I just love to shop the sales and add my coupons to it, whether it be Publix or Jo-Ann's.

Couponing has really changed my perspective about spending money. I just hate to pay full price because eventually EVERYTHING in a chain store goes on sale.

So in the spirit of being a frugal momma I just wanted to share some tips on how we save money in my family.

  1. I love coupons- like I just ranted on! I love the blog Coupon-chix for my area. She post where to find all the coupons for the local sale adds and throughout the week she will let you know if anyplace is having a major sale. She even teaches classes and they are SO helpful. I also love Target's coupons. I always check them before I head to the store. AND I try to join the email list of all my favorite stores because they give out some AWESOME coupons that way.
  2. We don't pay for cable. We use netflix instant streaming which is under 10 bucks if you only get the streaming and we watch everything else on HULU. The small things really count with us.
  3. we switched our cell phones to no-contract pay by the month phones. I don't have an iphone but I have a smartphone with unlimited everything that I only pay 50 dollars a month for. SWEET!

I have some more tips that I would love to share with you down the road, but for now I think I have chatted your ear off enough! :)

If you have any tips of your own let me know!!

I do LOVE saving money!

~Happy Frugalista-ing

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